Innovative size reduction equipment for the HMT market​

With our cutting machines we also get vegetable proteins into top shape.

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Cutting edge technology from holac

From plant-based ingredients like soy, pea, beans, lupines, lentils to the desired consistency for meat alternatives. ​

Product range: Chunks, pulled „pork“, kebab, gyros, cubes and slices in varying sizes – all with one machine ​

Fast tool change and the ease of operation allowing the change over to different cutting styles whilst ongoing production.​

Thanks to new developments in holac’s belt system, this is all possible in-line, without any intermediate steps directly from the extruder into the cutting machine.

Questions about “Plant based”?


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Fast and easy tool changes

The tooling can be changed quickly and even during ongoing operation. No need to interrupt production.​

Easy cleaning

All parts of the machine are easy to clean and meet all hygiene requirements. ​


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For vegetarian and plant-based products

The new equipment is specially designed for the unique conditions in the production of meat alternatives: ​ The machines can cope with high temperatures of extruded plant based proteins and heavy loads just as easily as with the different properties of vegetarian and vegan products. ​

Service à la holac

Of course, we are also there for maintenance, repairs and spare parts.​ Your holac service partner will take care of you personally. ​

Find the ideal machine for your application!​

Cubixx HMT series

  • From hand loading to a fully automated production line, you can find anything within the Cubixx lineup.
  • It is ideal for small to medium sized capacity requirements.​

Maxx HMT series

  • Maxx-imum performance and perfect adaptation to your extruder.
  • Our heavy-duty machines process even the hardest and toughest extrudates without any problems in continuous operation.
  • The complete range of machines for processing plant-based products can be found here:  ​View machine programme

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